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Unique location advantages Airport Region Zurich

Top 6 at a glance

  • top economic fast-growing region in Switzerland
  • safe, economy- and entrepreneur-friendly environment
  • many innovative and knowledge-intensive companies
  • availability of qualified and multilingual workforce specialists
  • worldwide leader when it comes to transport links and mobility
  • tax attractiveness for companies and individuals

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Leading growth region in Switzerland

  • more than 10'000 companies and 110'000 employees in the Greater Airport Region Zurich
  • more than 2'000 additional jobs per year (source: statistical office)
  • stable growth outlook for companies
  • growing population figures combined with high purchasing power

A Credit Suisse study dating from September 2013 confirms, that the Airport Region Zurich including the Glatt valley is among the three most successful economic regions of Switzerland (from a total of 110 Swiss regions).
Download the study (only available in German)

Economy-friendly environment

  • short distances to customer orientated authorities
  • tax attractiveness and political stability
  • moderate real estate prices in commercial property districts

Worldwide leader concerning transport links

  • 10 minutes to Zurich Downtown
  • 10 minutes to Zurich International Airport (travel duration according to location under facts and figures)
  • 1400 punctual links by public transport every day to all the destinations in Switzerland and the neighbouring countries
  • 170 direct connections including 4400 flights per week to all the global destinations
  • direct connection to the national and international motorway network leading to Basel, Geneva, St. Gallen, Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris etc.
  • motorway to Zurich Downtown

See also the map concerning the exact location of the Airport Region Zurich

Flexible labour market and high productivity levels

  • the Swiss labour market offers one of the most liberal work laws in Europe with very few regulations
  • number two in the worldwide productivity ranking (source: WEF, global competitiveness report 2013-2014 – «labour market efficiency)
  • highest annual working hours in Europe (Swiss: 1,856 hours per annum, Germany: 1,683 and UK: 1,785 hours)
  • virtually no conflicts between work force and employers in form of strikes
  • high availability of qualified and multilingual workforce
  • very low unemployment figures (3.4 %)

Attractive mix of businesses and industries

The industrial diversity in the Airport Region Zurich is impressive. It is characterised by its proximity to the international Airport and the City of Zurich :

  • aviation companies, suppliers and service firms
  • IT and their associated service companies
  • enterprise-related service companies
  • wholesale and retail
  • construction and real estate
  • banking and insurance
  • production of electronic, pharmaceutical or metal goods
  • foodstuff
  • gastronomy and hospitality
  • pharma industry
  • and many more

These renowned companies are domiciled in the Airport Region Zurich

Top educational institutes near by

  • highly recommended universities, research institutes and think-tanks
  • extensive educational offers on all levels
  • international schools
  • dual education system: high level apprenticeships guarantee skilled workforce

A portion of happiness: High standard of living

  • guaranteed personal freedom and security: worldwide one of the safest surroundings bordering a metropolitan city
  • high housing quality, likewise in an urban or village setting
  • topnotch shopping facilities
  • great recreation possibilities right where you live or work
  • attractive leisure offers
  • rich sporting and cultural life and events